Arizona's New LLC Law (Part 3)

Fiduciary duties are among the most important topics found (or often not found) in operating agreements. Arizona’s newly revised limited liability act clarifies many of the duties that managers and members of the LLC owe.


Arizona's New LLC Law (Part 2)

This article describes those subjects that may be changed and also those subjects that cannot be modified by your operating agreement.


Arizona's New LLC Law (Part 1)

Any LLC company formed, converted or domesticated before Sept. 1, 2019 may elect voluntarily to be subject to the New Act by amending its operating agreement accordingly.


Recent Changes to Arizona's Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act

The new minimum wage increase applies to all Arizona employers, except small business, in keeping with the present coverage provisions of the Arizona Minimum Wage Act


Think Twice Before Using A Quit-Claim Deed

This article focuses on some of the legal problems that may arise if you convey, or accept, real property via a quitclaim deed.


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