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Need help starting a business? Expanding?

For clients who are looking to create or expand their business we can help. In a typical transaction we might negotiate and draft all transaction documents, financing arrangements, and due diligence for share and asset purchases. By working directly with financiers, we are able to structure arrangements that leave no room for surprises. In tough times, our team at can also guide you through dissolutions and wind-ups, liquidations, revivals, and restorations.

Consult with us on how to start a business. Read articles about forming an LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, nonprofit, or partnership and decide which business structure is right for you. If you're considering starting a business, our business formation articles provide the information you need to get started.


Rest assured that we share a common goal: to create certainty for your business and your business relationships. Based on our experience with all sizes of organizations, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations, and structures such as sole proprietorships and joint ventures, you find in us the right partner to help you plan for the unexpected.

As a client you can further benefit from our association with other lawyers and law firms, should the need for legal advice on a global scale arise.


We handle all aspects of commercial contracts, for companies of all sizes, and in a full spectrum of industries. Knowing that legally sound contracts are a key component of a strong business, our team members take every step to ensure we protect our clients’ best interests when negotiating, drafting and managing contracts as well as handling issues that arise as a result of such agreements. We serve as our clients’ trusted legal advisor, helping our clients achieve their business objectives while managing and minimizing their legal risks, difficulties and expenses. Furthermore, we take great pride in not only knowing our clients’ industries but also understanding their unique business processes.

The technology to make our services more personal.

We understand technology. We grew up with it. We constantly innovate to deliver better service so that we can achieve better outcomes for our clients. If you are technology challenged we are not the firm for you. On the other hand, if you've got a decent grasp of technology, our innovations will enhance your customer experience.

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