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Governor Ducey Extended Arizona's Stay At Home Order Through May 15

Wright Law Firm Advisory

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he is extending his stay-at-home order through May 15, but restaurants could reopen by May 12. Ducey's initial stay-at-home executive order was due to expire at midnight Thursday.

"We are going to return to physical health and economic health the Arizona way," he said. The Governor emphasized that the state's return from the coronavirus quarantine will be "gradual and phased in" over time. “It’s 15 more days," he said during his press conference. "I’m asking for some patience."

Governor Ducey also announced that there will be a partial reopening to retail starting May 4. It is a voluntary process, and will resume with physical distancing for staffers. It is a "limited opening," with appointment-based services, limited occupancy, curbside pickup and delivery. More voluntary openings will come on May 8, also with strict physical distancing requirements. For those business openings, public health procedures and CDC guidelines will be implemented.

"There is a real opportunity for May to be drastically different than March or April," the governor said.

He said he also wants to begin to expand dining services "sometime in May," hopefully by May 12, in coordination with health and industry professionals. When asked about bars reopening, he stated: “At this point in time, bars are not under consideration.”

Travel restrictions to certain coronavirus hotspots will also remain in place until May 15. Those states are New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


The citizens of Arizona have already begun to ignore Governor Ducey's previous stay-at-home order. Our guess is that people are ready to resume their normal lives and that they will view this extension as an unwarranted intrusion.


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