Business Law & Litigation

We represent businesses, their shareholders, and individuals. Our litigation and trial experience extends throughout the country to substantive areas of complex commercial litigation and injury law.

A Legacy of Success

We are experienced and well-respected. We provide legal support to make your business highly successful. In litigation matters we are relentless. We do what it takes to get the results you want and need.

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Affordable monthly subscription service for small business owners

Strategic litigation can be an important tool in your business arsenal.

Our approach is practical and aggressive. We are committed to minimizing the business disruption that litigation may cause while getting your case to trial or settlement with an efficient approach that maximizes your outcome. We will help you at each step to weigh the risks and rewards and formulate the right approach.

Business Services

At your service,
every step of the way.

& Planning

We can assist you in creating your business, including selecting and legally forming your business entity.


We work closely with business owners. We get to know them, and they us. This creates a general counsel type feel. We offer counseling, strategic planning, and audit services for existing businesses.

Growth Planning

We can assist when your small business is ready to take the next step in growth.

Professional Services

We represent businesses in numerous business matters such as drafting company shareholder agreements, negotiating contracts, responding to legal claims, resolving employment issues, and compliance with adminstrative and regulatory demands.


Prepare your team to comply with business statutes and regulations.

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Applications (2021)
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