Roger Wright concentrates his practice on commercial matters, including business planning, entity formation, contracts, commercial leases, commercial strategies and commercial litigation in state and federal courts. Roger advises numerous businesses, contractors, brokers, real-estate firms, and landlords. 

Outside the Firm

Roger spends time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He also finds time for mountaineering and has climbed Kilimanjaro (Africa), the Grand Teton (Wyoming), and Mount Ranier (Washington). Most summers will find Roger on a through-hike somewhere in the United States or in New Zealand. He has crossed the Grand Canyon, the John Muir Trail (Yosemite), Te Aroroa (New Zealand), Glacier National Park, and the Tetons (Wyoming). Weather and time permitting Roger would spend more than his fair share in the mountains.

Roger also enjoys golf and running.


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News & Views

  • Article

    What You Should Know Before You Sign A Commercial Lease

    Commercial leases often are not subject to the same consumer protection laws as residential ones, so it is important to understand exactly what you are committing to and to negotiate the best possible terms.
  • Article

    Arizona's New Limited Liability Law, Part 3

    Arizona’s newly revised limited liability act (RULLA) clarifies many of the duties that managers and members of the LLC owe.

  • Article

    Arizona's New Limited Liability Law, Part 2

    Subjects for which existing Arizona law has been retained and subjects which the operating agreement may change.

  • Article

    Arizona's New Limited Liability Law, Part 1

    The RULLCA offered many improvements and clarifications to the Old Act, and the New Act retains the language of RULLCA as much as possible. Despite that, there are a number of areas in which the drafting committee of the New Act determined that Arizona’s existing law and procedures should be retained, and those sections of the Old Act were changed minimally, if at all.

  • Article

    Think Twice Before Using A Quit-Claim Deed

    The most pronounced problem is that quitclaim deeds lack guarantees for creating or delivering good title, unlike warranty deeds, which guarantee that the grantor has good title to the property.

  • Article

    Risks of Not Properly Dissolving Your LLC

    If your limited liability company was properly formed and operated you should generally be protected from personal liability for its debts. However, some exceptions exist.

  • Article

    Recent Changes to Arizona's Fair Wages And Healthy Families Act

    The new minimum wage increase applies to all Arizona employers, except small businesses, in keeping with the present coverage provisions of the Arizona Minimum Wage Act.

  • Article

    8 Tips for Small Business Owners

    No matter your business, you probably share these challenges.

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  • State Bar of Arizona



  • Arizona State Court
  • Arizona Supreme Court
  • District Court of the State of Arizona
  • Southeast District of Arkansas


  • Brigham Young University, BA (1987)
  • Seattle University School of Law, JD (1991)