We've been assisting business owners for almost 30 years. We've formed hundreds of business entities, ranging from closely held corporations and limited liability companies, to operating subsidiaries for new divisions of existing corporations, to emerging growth companies destined for an IPO.

Experienced Legal Representation for Contractors, Subcopntractors & Owners

Wright Law represents contractors, subcontractors, and homeowners, including condominium associations, in all types of construction law matters, from contract negotiation to dispute resolution, and everything in between—bid protests, bond claims, default terminations, you name it. We have experience handling the full range of agreements and actions it takes to complete a modern construction project, and we understand and appreciate the fortitude it takes to get a job done on time and on budget.

You can count on us to have the expertise and knowledge-base to handle your construction-related legal concerns. Over the years, our clients have included public and private owners, condominium and homeowners’ associations, construction companies of all sizes, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, design professionals, and sureties. To meet the needs of our client base, our practice has grown to encompass all aspects of construction law, such as:.

  • A full range of services for general contractors
  • Assistance with payment and performance bond claims
  • Issues arising under the Arizona Construction Lien Law
  • Help with construction delay, inefficiency, impact, and scheduling claims
  • Bid protests, bid disputes, and public contracting
  • Construction contract drafting, negotiation, and administration
  • Advice and guidance in defective construction claims
  • Design professional liability and defective design documents
  • Default and convenience terminations

Our experience includes representing construction parties in disputes and litigation, as well as transactional matters. The importance of strong, detailed construction contracts cannot be overestimated, as these are the essential documents that set out the rights and responsibilities of each party to an agreement. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, or owner, it is critical that you read every construction document carefully and understand each term fully. The legal consequences of certain clauses and requirements may not be obvious, so it’s important to have a construction law attorney review contracts with you. While some negotiation and compromise may be necessary, you need to be certain the agreements you enter are ones you want to make.

Even with sound contracts and knowledgeable legal counsel, disputes between contractors, subcontractors, construction companies and property owners are all too common. Issues often arise out of delays in getting work done, unsatisfactory work, or failure to make payments. But regardless of their cause, construction-related disputes can consume a lot of time and money on the part of everyone involved. In many situations, the expense involved in pursuing a dispute is far out of proportion to the money at stake. For this reason, we help our clients resolve disputes as early as possible to avoid unnecessary litigation costs. That’s not to say we won’t pursue or defend your case aggressively. We will—with the goal of achieving a favorable outcome and minimizing the impact of litigation on your bottom line.

What Sets Us Apart

When you hire Wright Law to represent you, you’ll be working with highly-qualified Arizona construction lawyers exclusively focused on practicing construction law. However, knowledge of construction law is only half of our equation for success. Our firm is also committed to being available to our clients. We understand you work long days and start early. We do as well. You can call us anytime, anywhere, and reach us when you need us.

We’re Different

Being a small, full service law firm located in the Phoenix metropolitan area allows us to offer accessible, efficient and responsive legal counsel. Leveraging a uniquely Southwest approach, we strive to make the complex simple and to communicate clearly. We speak your language.

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