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We provide guidance and support across the full spectrum of workplace dynamics.

labor and employment

We pride ourselves on minimizing risk and cost for our clients through effective staffing of matters – helping clients control costs, avoid disputes, and fight for themselves when litigation arises.

Employment Litigation

At Wright Law, we handle a variety of civil litigation cases involving unfair labor practices against employees. Our attorneys possess the knowledge, dedication, and experience required to represent workers in a wide range of labor disputes.

We believe that effective legal advocacy requires not only comprehensive knowledge of the law, but also a thorough understanding of our clients’ industries and businesses. By recognizing our clients’ ultimate goals, we defend individual cases and offer advice with an eye on the bigger picture. Our team is proud of the standing we maintain with judges and the plaintiffs’ bar, and we are confident that our reputation for excellence and ethical practice directly benefits our clients, whether in the courtroom or during negotiations.

Understanding that litigation is costly and time consuming and may damage an organization’s reputation, we proactively address issues and assist our clients with establishing effective risk-avoidance strategies to avoid a trial. But, when action is necessary, our clients benefit from our creative and efficient approach to single and multiple plaintiff lawsuits.

State and Federal Litigation: We regularly handle claims and defend clients in courts at all levels and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), state civil rights divisions, and other state and federal agencies. Among the types of claims we have litigated are:

  • Administrative Claims
  • Non-compete and Trade Secret Claims
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims
  • Appeals
  • Sexual or Racial Harassment
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Temporary and Preliminary Injunctions
  • Defamation Claims
  • Title VII Discrimination and Equivalent State Statutory Claims
  • ERISA and Employee Benefit Claims
  • Wage and Hour Claims

Class Actions: In the past few years, we have successfully defended numerous discrimination class actions. In almost every instance, we stopped the case before it started by defeating class certification. Our lawyers defend class actions involving civil rights, employment law, and labor law claims.

Wage and Hour Claims: We help our clients stay ahead of the curve on this constantly evolving area of labor and employment law. Frequently, we resolve issues long before they reach the courtroom. Our wage and hour areas of proficiency include:

  • Arbitration Agreements
  • Employee Classification
  • Bonus Plans
  • Payroll
  • Compliance Audits
  • Time and Attendance

Non-compete and Non-disclosure Agreements: A business can be unprepared – and ultimately devastated – by confidential information falling into the wrong hands. When the unexpected happens, we provide immediate and aggressive defense to secure a business’s future. We also help draft clear and concise non-compete and disclosure agreements, protecting business rights.

Trade Secrets: Regardless of size or industry, a company’s trade secrets are some of its most valuable assets. Since prevention is most often preferred over litigation, our lawyers take preemptive measures to ensure a companies’ trade secrets remain confidential. We counsel organizations on how to protect their trade secrets from misappropriation and help them draft policies and agreements to prepare for the arrival of new employees and the departure of current employees. When a company is facing the unlawful theft of trade secrets, our litigators provide support and build a strong case under the provisions of the Defense of Trade Secrets Act Litigation (DTSA) and corollary state laws.

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Being a small, full service law firm located in the Phoenix metropolitan area allows us to offer accessible, efficient and responsive legal counsel. Leveraging a uniquely Southwest approach, we strive to make the complex simple and to communicate clearly. We speak your language.

Wright Law Firm's labor and employment attorneys focus on employment counseling, litigation of employment disputes, and labor relations. Our labor and employment attorneys are not siloed into counseling or litigation roles, and can quickly turn from counseling on critical employment decisions to handling an unfair labor practice charge or litigating a wage and hour class action. We believe that every labor and employment attorney should be able to play the role of litigator, labor negotiator, and trusted advisor.

The employers we represent span industries – federal, state, and local government entities; healthcare and life sciences; entertainment; gaming; nonprofits; construction; independent schools, both public and private, and other educational institutions; private equity; retail; hospitality; food services; and manufacturing, to name a few.

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