Commercial Property


We excel across the full range of commercial property matters and we are particularly aggressive in commercial real estate litigation.

Success in the commercial property industry depends in large part on forces outside your control. Economic booms and busts, rising and falling interest rates, and even an atmosphere of optimism or pessimism can mean success or failure for a project. Or a company.

Our commercial property practice can help you build a strong foundation for your business to take advantage of (or withstand) market fluctuations. We handle small deals ranging from $50 dollars to several millions of dollars. And our team of commercial property lawyers are supported by a deep bench of professionals with supporting industry experience.

Our clients include:

  • developers
  • entrepreneurial commercial property landlords, companies, and individuals
  • financial institutions
  • investors
  • property owners
  • housing authorities
  • landlords and tenants
  • multifamily owners and managers
  • office building owners
  • private equity funds
  • public, private, and nonprofit companies
  • REITs
  • retail, outlet and shopping center owners
  • retail end users and franchisees

We understand the market, and we understand the law. Whether you are finalizing a multimillion dollar transaction or closing a single-property deal, we can help you spot the pitfalls, develop a strategy, and evaluate opportunities.

How We Can Help

  • acquisitions, dispositions, investments, mergers, and buyouts
  • development and construction
  • dispute resolution and litigation
  • environmental
  • investment and real estate investment trusts
  • financing
  • leasing (office, industrial and retail)
  • workouts, bankruptcies, and foreclosures
  • zoning and land use

What Sets Us Apart

Rest assured that we share a common goal: creating certainty for your commercial property transactions. Based on our experience with all sizes of organizations – ranging from start- ups to multinational corporations – and structures such as sole proprietorships and joint ventures, you find in us the right partner to help you plan for the unexpected.

As a client you can further benefit from our association with other lawyers and law firms, should the need for legal advice on a global scale arise.

We’re Different

Being a small, full service law firm located in the Phoenix metropolitan area allows us to offer accessible, efficient and responsive legal counsel. Leveraging a uniquely Southwest approach, we strive to make the complex simple and to communicate clearly. We speak your language.

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News & Views

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    Coronavirus: Key Issues For Commercial Leases

    The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures being taken in response have raised many questions about the effect on commercial leases. The rapid spread of the virus and increasing scale of governmental response raise implications for the ability of landlords and tenants under office, retail and industrial leases to perform their respective obligations. In light of this rapidly evolving situation, commercial landlords and tenants should assess and understand their rights and obligations under their lease documents, including circumstances under which a party may potentially be excused from its obligations due to COVID-19.

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    Commercial Lease Workouts During The Covid 19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic is adversely affecting commercial real estate (CRE) as it continues to wreak havoc in industries throughout the economy. For many years, the primary declining CRE sector has been brick and mortar retail stores. However, the retail sector is no longer suffering alone, as the COVID-19 outbreak is hurting most other CRE sectors: office, hospitality, multi-family, restaurant, personal services, entertainment, and construction.
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    A Commercial Tenant In Hopeless Default—Now What?

    During a lease term, there may come a time when it becomes no longer financially viable for a commercial tenant to continue its operations at the leased premises and faces the prospect of defaulting on the lease.
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    Did Your Tenant Default On A Commercial Lease Because Of Covid 19?

    Have You Explored Your Available Options?

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    Continuous Operation Provisions During The Covid 19 Pandemic

    In a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the U.S. economy upside-down and has put business owners across the country in peril.
  • Arizona's New Limited Liability Law, Part 3

    Arizona’s newly revised limited liability act (RULLA) clarifies many of the duties that managers and members of the LLC owe.
  • Arizona's New Limited Liability Law, Part 2

    Subjects for which existing Arizona law has been retained and subjects which the operating agreement may change.
  • Arizona's New Limited Liability Law, Part 1

    The RULLCA offered many improvements and clarifications to the Old Act, and the New Act retains the language of RULLCA as much as possible. Despite that, there are a number of areas in which the drafting committee of the New Act determined that Arizona’s existing law and procedures should be retained, and those sections of the Old Act were changed minimally, if at all.
  • Risks of Not Properly Dissolving Your LLC

    If your limited liability company was properly formed and operated you should generally be protected from personal liability for its debts. However, some exceptions exist.
  • Recent Changes to Arizona's Fair Wages And Healthy Families Act

    The new minimum wage increase applies to all Arizona employers, except small businesses, in keeping with the present coverage provisions of the Arizona Minimum Wage Act.
  • 8 Tips for Small Business Owners

    No matter your business, you probably share these challenges.


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